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3' Tall

4' Tall

4' Wide



6' Wide



2" x 2" Post  with Cap - $25 each

Prices include shipping and handliing.

Residential address delivery surcharge may apply.

Screen Fence

Screen frames are made with aluminum extrusions and high technology screen materials. Lighter color screen materials can hide what is behind the screen. The screen and aluminum are easily cleaned with soap and water.

The standard sizes are three foot and four foot tall by four foot six foot, and eight foot wide. Posts are six foot long. Panels are attached to the posts with self tapping screws.

Panels can be used to screen off  the area below the deck and porch. With standard Super Screen they can be used as yard or garden fencing. They have been used to confine dogs to the back yard and reinforce PVC picket fences

Custom painted decorative screen scenes are available for camouflaging unsightly areas and additional privacy.

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Screen Fence - White Roberts Garden

Equipment Screen and Trash Can Corral 2 – 4' x 8' and 1 – 4' x 4' panels. White Aluminum and Desert Sand Screen

Screen Fence - Bronze  Roberts Garden

Equipment and Trash Can Screen  2–4' x 6' and 1 – 4' x 4' panel. Bronze Aluminum and Beige Screen

Successful Customer Installation

Screen Fence Privacy Screen Fence

Successful Customer Installation