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Updated take on a classic design.

All aluminum plant stands in kit form.

5 Tier Diamond

Lowest tier in the front and highest in the rear. It can be right handed or left handed. Base is nominally 14” square and 20” deep.

5 Tier Zig Zag Staircase Shape

This can staircases in two directions.  The side to side is 34” and depth is 9”. Can be made left hand and right hand.

Tall is 36” at highest and Standard is 24” at highest. Levels are evenly spaced to lowest at 12”

Prices including Shipping:

Tall Units: $65 including shipping.

Standard Units: $60 including freight.

The square tubes are powder coated aluminum. The aluminum square plates on top of the  posts are secured with stainless steel screws. The assembly screws are stainless steel. There is nothing to rust or corrode that leave stains on your deck.

The all aluminum plant stands come in easily assembled kit form.  Parts are precut and predrilled. Easily assembled with an electric screwdriver, phillips head and 1/4" socket.

The tiles are secured to the plates with your favorite glue. When complete secure pots  or saucers to support plates with florist putty, double sided tape or an exterior adhesive.

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