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● Garden Art Poles add a new a dimension to container gardening. Each Garden Art Pole is decorated with a themed collage. They can center mounted  in a plant container or stand alone in an existing landscape.

Each pole is themed. Currently available themes are: Echeveria, Cactus Flowers, Hex Signs, Burrowing Owls, Herbs/ Botanicals, and Easter Eggs.

Posts are 4 inch square by 24 inches tall PVC square tube. The graphics depending are 12” or 24” tall. The graphic is printed on exterior grade adhesive backed vinyl sheet and laminated with a UV protective film.

Each Garden Art Pole is supplied with a Landscape Mount Support Bracket. This support bracket works either in a landscape setting or in a container. The support bracket in driven onto the ground and the Garden Art Pole slips over it. With this system the Garden Designer can easily change to a different, more seasonally appropriate Garden Art Pole.

Hex Sign Garden Art Peacce PoleCactus Flower Garden Art Peace PoleEcheveria Garden Art Peace PoleEcheveria in Succulent BowlChristmas Ornaments '015 Garden Art Peace PoleEcheveriaHerbsCactus FlowersFlorida Native ButterfliesEaster Egg PoleBurrowing OwlsHex Signs'15 Christmas Ornaments Garden Art TotemHaida Bear

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