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Screen Room in Arbor or Pergola


Screened Trellis - Roberts Garden

An additional feature of this enclosure is a bi fold door in the back wall to access the gate in the fence that butts against the back side of the arbor.

Garden Trellis  Spartan Screen

This customer wanted to enjoy sitting under her arbor. The problem was bugs and dead leaves were interfering with that enjoyment. This small screen enclosure was built to be assembled inside the existing arbor. The roof is screened as are the four walls. It was assembled in place in less than four hours. The trick is accurate measurements.

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Screen Porch - Spartan Screen

Screened in Porch

Screen Porch - Spartan Screen

A screened in porch provides extra living space and enjoyment. Benefits are protection from insects and snakes, cleaner deck area, wind and rain protection. The net effect being an  extended outside play area for the kids and adults. Here are two examples of what can be done.

Wind and Sun Break

Customer had a problem with the wind in his carport blowing in dirt and debris. There was also a problem with the sun heating the carport. Solar Screen panels were installed on the outside wall to cut the wind, rain and sun coming into the area.

Carport Screen - Roberts Garden

Painted Screens/Power Roll Down Screens

Painted Screen - Poberts Garden Painted Screen - Spartan Screen

This screen was installed as a powered roll down screen on a garage door. The chosen scene can be anything a picture can be taken of. There are cases where Condo Committees require that the garage door be down at all times or there be something to block the view when the door is up. It is possible to paint a garage door on the screen as camouflage. The advantage to using a painted screen is it reduces the solar heat load in the garage, hides the view from the outside, allows airflow for ventilation and still retain visibility from the inside looking out.

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