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Garden Art Poles add a new a dimension to container gardening.

Each Garden Art Pole is decorated with a themed collage. They can  mounted centered in a plant container  stand alone in an existing landscape.

Each pole is themed. Currently available themes are: Echeveria, Cactus Flowers, Hex Signs, Burrowing Owls,  Herbs/ Botanicals, and Easter Eggs.

Posts are 4 inch square by 24 inches tall PVC square tube.

Three types of mountings are available:

Landscape Mount - Internal support for direct insertion into

the garden soil.

Independent Container Mount - Landscape Mount with

additional feet added for use in a plant container using the

potting soil for support. With this system the gardener can

easily charge to a different, more seasonally appropriate

Garden Art Pole.

Bracket Mounts - An aluminum bracket ( including fasteners).

Mechanically attaches the Garden Art Pole to the container by

fasteners for adhesives.

Hex Sign Garden Art Peacce Pole Cactus Flower Garden Art Peace Pole Christmas Ornaments '015 Garden Art Peace Pole Echeveria in Succulent Bowl Echeveria Garden Art Peace Pole Echeveria Herbs Hex Signs Cactus Flowers '15 Christmas Ornaments Garden Art Totem Easter Egg Pole Christmas Ornaments Florida Native Butterflies Burrowing Owls

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Garden Totem Ornaments '15 Cactus Flowers Echeveria Hex Signs

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Haida Bear Motif - Garden Art Pole