Custom Aluminum Trellis

The trellis on the right was designed to support a bougainvillea starting on the first floor and extending to the ceiling of the second floor. Three four inch square tubes are used to for the posts of the “L”. The “L” shape filled the available volume, provided structural strength and anchor points to the host structure. The posts were placed into position and the fill pieces were added and connected to the posts, the structure was then attached to the house and then the bottom of the posts were concreted in. Installation was completed in four hours.

The steps to success for the jobs like this are:

1. Proper measurements, layout and design. A drawing has to be prepared that shows the layout and spacing of the fill that will produce a design that is pleasing to the eye. Proportions are very important.

2. Planning for the installation. What will support the trellis? Obstacles to installation?

Roberts Garden will produce a design that is pleasing, provide all the materials in a form that minimizes the work to be done, instructions and delivery.

Use the Contact Us link and we will develop an unique structure to satisfy your requirements.

Custom Trellis