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Trellis KitsTilly (Tillandsia/Air Plant) Portrait Frame




Hanging Container

Functional Aesthetic Accessories for Gardens and Decks.

NEW! - Garden Trellis KitsTrellis KitsDiamond Fill Trellis Kit


NEW - Air Plant Mounting FramesTillandsia (Air Plant) Frame

New! - Hanging Plant ContainersHanging Pot

Flat Trellis

NEW! - Hang a Pot

Add even more pots to your trellis!

Screen Fence Panels

 Screen Fence


Arbor TrellisArbor Trellis

Self supporting structure designed to support vines in the flower or vegetable garden. Can also be used for hanging plants.

Plant Stands Plant Stand

Designed to support various size and type plant containers with customizable side panels and designs. Casters can be added for mobility around the deck or patio. The plant stands can be integrated with a Flat Trellis or Pyramid Tuteur.

Container Plant Dolly Frame Dolly

Easy mobility and bottom support for fabric plant containers up to 100 gallons. For deck or patio. Choice of styleFrame Dollys and colors (white or bronze).

#10 Single PlanterPyramid TuteurPyramid Tuteur

Designed to provide support for climbing plants or just add an elevating point in the garden. They can also be set over an existing plant or container. Integrates well with the above plant stands.

Tomato Towers

All products are made from powder coated aluminum extrusions, high performance fabrics and corrosion resistant fasteners. They are designed to minimize material and handling charges. Assembly requires simple tools and can be accomplished always in less than an hour.

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NEW! - Tiled Container DollyTile Dolly

Heavy duty dolly built to move heavy plant containers around the deck and patio. Dollies can support up to 400 lbs. The travertine shown is standard. Dollies can be customized for individual tastes and needs. All materials used are suitable for exterior use.

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